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Dean Mabe

Dean Mabe

Hunter-Wolff Gallery is pleased to offer the quiet landscapes and pastoral images of ranches and life in the West by Colorado Springs artist Dean Mabe. In 2011, Dean Mabe was featured in “Ones To Watch” by the Western Art & Architecture, the go-to magazine for art collectors and architecture aficionados across the United State. We agree with their review, which indicated that Dean’s oil paintings transport the viewer to simpler, more peaceful times. At Hunter-Wolff Gallery, we too believe art-lovers will see how the layers of emotional overtones in subdued colors bring out the accessibility of nature, an open invitation to go outdoors and play. We are especially drawn to his loose brushwork, a style usually attained by watercolors.

Dean’s art is a culmination of years of outdoor experiences including horseback riding, chasing sunsets, hunting and hiking in the wilderness, conquering 14,000 foot mountain peak climbs, and hundreds of hours of sketching and painting. Dean prefers to tell his story using his oil paints, a tale of the hours sitting in a saddle, or watching a beautiful sunrise, or enjoying the moment summer turns to autumn.  His style is representational but somewhat impressionistic. He says he strives to capture the moment, without pause, in as much detail necessary yet leave something up to the viewer’s own eye.

Over the years, Mabe became popular with some of the finest galleries in the west such as, Masten Art, Denver, Colorado; Cherry Creek Art Gallery, Denver, Colorado; Third Canyon Gallery, Denver, Colorado; Temar Gallery, Durango, Colorado; Hunstmen and Squash Blossom Gallery, Aspen, Colorado; Morsberg Gallery, Beverly Hills, California; Creekside Gallery, Sedona, Arizona; Night Sky Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Wade Gallery, Taos, New Mexico. Dean has also received the honor of being accepted in several important invitational shows including: Coors Invitational, Denver, Colorado; Buffalo Bill Cody Invitational, Cody, Wyoming; Arts in the Parks, Jackson, Wyoming; and the Mountain Oyster Club Southwest Invitational Art Show, Tucson, Arizona. 

We look forward to showing you Dean Mabe's work at Hunter-Wolff Gallery.






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