We are honored to represent Bob Smith from Colorado and his beautiful fine art ceramic collection, which include his distinctive raku, saggar, and pit-fired vessels and platters. He is continuously experimenting with new colors and designs and adds new, unqiue work as they become available.

Like the best of the best in his field, Bob Smith has been at his craft and collected for nearly a lifetime -- fifty years. He began his career creating functional stoneware, but quickly moved to low-fire work, concentrating on raku. Silhouette and form, with a quiet contained presence, have always been his major focus. His most current work reflects this ongoing fascination with form, plus his exploration of greater depth, subtlety, and drama on the surface, with new directions in color, scale and texture.

Bob started some 20 years ago perfecting the exterior surface of his vessels, using terra sigillata in various forms of saggar fired and pit fired vessels. Terra sigillata is a very (silky) smooth, lustrous coating of clay which resembles a glaze. The name means “sealed earth” and the surface finishes of his vessels are exquisite to the touch.

“Through some stroke of good fortune,” he says he “found work, which is satisfying, engaging, challenging, and comprehensive.” He tells us he understands the complexities of this medium, and because he works hard, with care and sincerity, he has trained his hands to do what they must for the results he wants." Today, he is more passionate than ever about this medium.

The work represented at Hunter-Wolff Gallery is indicative of the work he loves to create, and we urge you to explore these one-of-a-kind masterpieces.


Items displayed at our gallery