The Hunter-Wolff Gallery team is made up of knowledgeable, customer focused members

ready to help you in your quest for art that fits your personality, lifestyle and budget.



Sharon Wolff is a respected entrepreneur and the successful owner of Hunter-Wolff Gallery since 2005. Not all that surprising, however, she continues to expand her growing business when others have struggled during locally impacting wildfires and floods, economic downturns, and a world-threatening pandemic. She says that her secret to success is listening carefully to her patrons and delivering what she promises.

As Hunter-Wolff Gallery grows, Wolff has been able to better focus on a wider cross-section of Colorado accomplished artists who have an average of 25 years or more experience.  Wolff looks for the accomplished but also the “up and coming” emerging artists with unique creativity and the potential to take their success to the next level.

Propelled by a strong drive to succeed, an inherent business sense, and “can do” attitude, Wolff follows her business plan that she regularly revisits and modifies for optimum success.  Having celebrated 17 years of operation, Wolff’s reputation and success has received the attention of the art community and its art lovers.   Wolff thrives on selecting and showcasing new talent and she enjoys mentoring artists needing an edge to get the attention of collectors and galleries. 

Achieving success in the competitive art business is a testament to the strength of her values.  Wolff is committed to providing her patrons with an enriched experience and the highest level of customer service.  Building a long-lasting relationship with its valued clients is the hallmark of Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s philosophy.


Meet Maria Battista, Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s Sales Associate and accomplished artist, jewelry designer and fabricator. Maria wears many hats.

She plays classical guitar, speaks several languages, explores philosophy and sheds light on the treatment of women in underdeveloped nations. But above all, she is a full-time professional Artist and represents Hunter-Wolff Gallery on a part-time basis.

When not working her shift at Hunter-Wolff Gallery, she works in three divergent technical media: silver and gold smithing, life drawing, and sculpting with an emphasis in each of these on the human figure as a central tool of expression.

As a jewelry artist, she also specializes in custom projects that involve a profound collaboration with the client and discernment about what may be emerging by seeking expression in consciousness.



Meet Cynthia Francis, Hunter-Wolff Gallery’s representative and Sales Associate. In addition to years of experience in customer service and valued as a problem-solver, Cynthia simply loves working with people. Although the art gallery scene is a new chapter in her life, she is a natural with a great sense of humor and desire to please. She can’t wait to share her newly learned knowledge with you. We believe one of Cynthia’s strengths as an associate is her strong communications skills and ability to bond with customers.  She always has an upbeat attitude and pays meticulous attention to detail. She looks forward to meeting you soon and helping with your requests.







Say hello to Theresa Barbera! She has lived in Colorado Springs for most of her life and became a successful business owner in Old Colorado City for 18 years. As a sales representative, Theresa knows how to get the job done! Her friendly demeanor, positive attitude and engaging smile make visits to the gallery a treat. If you have not met her in person, you may have had the pleasure of talking with Theresa over the phone.

Theresa is a multitasker and has more balls up in the air than a juggler. Sometimes at the gallery, we all feel like jugglers. But her ability to handle more than one task professionally isn’t just handy. I can assure our clients they are

always in good hands with Theresa. She understands the importance of team work. As a successful business owner herself, she focused on important skills

like critical thinking and excellent decision-making, and delivers effective

communications, top-notch customer care and all the necessary business skills for a smooth day-to-day operation. Because she enjoys meeting new people and sharing information about our 40+ artists and their ever-changing exhibits at the gallery, we hope you will stop in soon. She loves art and would love to show you around Hunter-Wolff Gallery.