Hunter-Wolff Gallery rarely (never in 18 years!) has added an artist to its roster with less than 25 years’ experience as a professional artist.  There is a first for everything.  We are pleased to add native-born Coloradan Cormac Robinson who has yet to reach ‘drinking age’.

He’s an anomaly. Some might think this is a blip on the screen of gallery-life that doesn't fit with the rest of the gallery’s pattern. Maybe so, but we believe he is a positive addition and very talented. We want to help him get a start on his dreams as a wood-worker and creative.  Here’s what he told us:

"Hey there! My name is Cormac Robinson and I’m now one of the artists at the Hunter-Wolff Gallery. I live a short distance from Hunter-Wolff Gallery in Colorado Springs, had two concussions, have a strange fondness for parmesan cheese, and my favorite music artist is The Strokes.

I’ve been working with wood for about four years, and it’s one of the greatest joys that I’ve known. Woodworking allows me freedom as opposed to other parts of my life where I feel constrained. Through the process of creation, I am able to focus my attention and abilities. Creating is a consistent reflection of who I am and those things reflect back again, pushing me harder, and feeding my hunger of creation. I hope you will come by the gallery and see my current work. I appreciate your comments and feedback too.”


Items displayed at our gallery