Hunter-Wolff Gallery is pleased to include ceramic artist Rhonda Cearlock who is known for her colorful Wall Reliefs in its gallery portfolio. She creates porcelain stoneware and terra cotta clay bodies, then paints her designs, like a canvas, with acrylic and oil patinas, and finishes with a final coat of varnish. Her abstract designs are textured, rich in color and vary in size to hang vertically or horizontally alone or in a grouping for an eye-catching pattern on your wall. 

Rhonda has been working in clay for over thirty years. She says she is inspired mostly by her world travels, admiring the colors and impressions of the patchwork of fields, the change of seasons, the rising and setting of the sun, and the textures of landscapes. These images are indelibly imprinted in her mind and are used as references when creating her sculpted ceramics. She uses these influences to guide her richly organic contemporary work. 

Rhonda’s work is made up of many clay elements. The pieces are extruded, hand-built, slumped, and press molded. Chosen pieces are then textured using her hand-built clay stamps and found objects with interesting patterns. The pieces are fired in a homemade kiln or pit-fired for smokey patterns, then are assembled like a puzzle and painted with acrylic paint.

Rhonda has a BA and an MA in ceramics and sculpture. Her educational background includes a BA in Art Education (1977) and an MA (1979) in ceramics and sculpture from Eastern Illinois University. She has enjoyed working in ceramics for 30+ years.


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