Hunter-Wolff Gallery is pleased to offer the artwork created by Colorado artist Robb Casseday. As a professional artist, he finds immense joy and inspiration working with varied mediums such as pastels, oils, and scratchboard. Each medium allows Robb to express his creative narrative in unique and evocative ways. His chosen tools of color and texture provide a visual vocabulary, creating a bridge between his internal perceptions and the canvas.

Robb says he is captivated by the natural world, the gentle rise and fall of landscapes, the charisma of wildlife, and the hidden stories in human portraits. He seeks to capture these moments that are filled with a sense of serenity, vibrancy, and power. Robb believes his work is a tribute to nature's grandeur, the complexity of human emotions, and the unspoken bonds among all beings.

Every artwork created is the result of a carefully devised artistic process. Pastels allow for soft, subtle blending and layering of colors and shades, to capture earthly terrains. For the intricate details of animal fur or the expressive lines in human faces, he turns to the scratchboard technique. Oil painting, on the other hand, offers the chance to delve into deeper color spectrums and textures, allowing for a greater depth of field and a high degree of realism.

His collectors say his artwork serves as an exploration and celebration of life around us, a reflection of Robb’s relationship with it, and a way to connect audiences to the inherent beauty of our world. Every brush stroke, every scratch, every blend of color is a step closer to unfolding the narrative behind the canvas – striving to arouse in viewers the same connection and awe to the world Robb feels. From the intricate majesty of a lion or the serene beauty of a rolling landscape to the subtle emotions in a human portrait, his goal is to spark an emotive response in the viewer, to draw them into these shared experiences of our collective existence.


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